Our Projects

Here’s what we are working on

We create with our members projects in 5 pillar areas: environment, economy, education, health and humanity. These pillars were identified in a document “Reshaping the Future & Accelerating Change for a Better World” (created by members of FWOC Global) that was sent to leaders at various levels around the world in May and June 2020.


A sample FWOC Canada project is the Mother Earth Ambassador Program an experiential educational program for girls ages 9 to 12 to teach them about the value of Mother Earth and how to become Mother Earth Ambassadors in their families, schools and communities.

We are currently seeking donations and sponsors to support this project.

Join us in reshaping the future.

At the global level there are 5 pillar teams with expertise that create events and projects available to members and currently to the general public. FWOC Canada draws on expertise at the global level and within its own membership to co-create projects to catalyze positive change in the 5 pillar areas.


I’ve gained connection, clarity and inspiration from being a member of FWOC Canada.

“I find the meetings are always inspirational and part of that is the connection with women with a similar mind-set and a similar mission. One of my primary reasons for joining FWOC Canada is because it is so action-oriented. I worked on the Environment project which has been a really interesting process because it’s been organic. I’ve enjoyed connecting with other women around that and creating it from the ground up.”

Laureen Card, Women’s Executive Coach, Speaker & Lawyer