Who we are

A Community of Heart-Centered Women Leaders

Conscious.  Authentic.  Inclusive.

Female Wave of Change Canada is a network that supports you to amplify your voice, strengthen your feminine leadership qualities, showcase your gifts and talents, and expand your social impact while gaining new friends and colleagues.

We are part of a global social movement Female Wave of Change now in almost 40 countries.

We believe valuing and integrating authentic feminine leadership qualities into our families, communities and workplaces holds the key to creating a better world – a more conscious, equitable, just, sustainable and peaceful one.

Wondering what we mean by authentic feminine leadership qualities? They include: compassion, creativity, collaboration, inclusiveness, emotional intelligence, intuition, authenticity, catalyst for change … qualities generally associated with women. That said, men as well as women can demonstrate and learn these qualities.

Our Vision

A more conscious, equitable, just, sustainable, and peaceful world where authentic feminine leadership qualities are valued and underpin the creation of new and healthy organizations, structures, and systems.

Our Mission

Build a vibrant, influential community of authentic feminine leaders and a better world through leadership development training, coaching and consulting, and through creating and implementing socially impactful events, projects and programs.

Our Values


Authentic Feminine Leadership – We believe authentic feminine leadership holds the key to creating a better world; a more conscious, equitable, just, sustainable, and peaceful one.


Partnership and Collaboration – We believe in the power of collaboration and that multiple disciplines, sectors and cultures are needed to address the complex issues facing us today, and in the future.


Gender Equality – We believe in promoting and supporting the economic independence of both women and men, closing the gender pay gap, advancing gender balance in decision-making and in ending gender-based violence.


Embracing Diversity – We believe in celebrating diversity and in creating conditions/environments where all women are treated with respect and feel safe and supported to be their true authentic selves regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, culture.


Interconnectedness and Sustainability – We believe in the interconnectedness of all living things and in making decisions that do not compromise the planet and/or future generations.

How We got started

Pamela Thompson, President of Female Wave of Change Canada, met Ingun Bol, the Founder of Female Wave of Change Global, on Linkedin in 2018. They had a zoom call and realized they had a number of things in common and agreed to stay on each other’s radar and support one another through social media.

In 2019, Pamela had a radio show, “The Art of Change”, where she interviewed inspiring women leaders and changemakers from around the world and she invited Ingun to be on one of her shows. During this interview – Female Wave of Change: Creating a Social Movement  Ingun shared that after almost 20 years working as an engineer in the corporate environment, she left corporate and for 15 years advised a variety of industries, and built bridges between people and organizations. During this time, she became aware of the exponential rate of change and the need for many women to be equipped to embrace it and shape it. She also was not proud of the world we were leaving for future generations, and decided to focus on redirecting the change and using feminine values and feminine energy to create a better world for everyone.

In January 2017, she incorporated Female Wave of Change and thought it would be only for the Netherlands. Ingun changed her profile on Linkedin to be Founder, Female of Change; many women from around the world messaged her, wanted to learn more and how they could be a part of it. The organization grew organically and after one year was in 20 countries! Since that time, it has grown to now be in almost 50 countries.

Pam was named Ambassador for Canada of Female Wave of Change Global in late March 2020. She attended her first Global strategy meeting on March 24, 2020, where the group decided to open all their activities to the public. This led to Pamela being able to deliver several of her face-to-face workshops via zoom, and the opportunity to do her first virtual keynote at the Female Wave of Change Global conference in September 2019.

Part of the commitment of being an Ambassador includes creating a legal entity. After doing some research of her own and having the University of Victoria, Business Law Clinic do pro-bono research on the best governance model for such an organization, Pamela founded Female Wave of Change Canada as a national, member-based non-profit without charitable status on December 7, 2020. This organization receives no funding from the parent and depends mainly on memberships, donations and sponsors for its work.