Mother Earth Ambassador Program

The Mother Earth Ambassador Program is an experiential outdoor leadership program for girls aged 9 to 12. It has been designed to empower girls with the understanding of the inherent power and beauty of the forest, and with the many mental, physical and spiritual benefits of being in nature.

In this program participants:

  • connect with other girls to learn about the beauty and power of nature
  • cultivate powerful personal connections to their inner self, one another and nature
  • develop confidence and courage to make wise choices at a pivotal time in life
  • be enabled to actualize their feminine leadership capacity
  • learn teachings of Indigenous wisdom and environmental science using art, storytelling, games and talking circles
  • create a personalized action plan to create positive change for the earth in their home, school and community

The program is be facilitated by a BC certified Elementary and Middle School Teacher with over 20 years of experience guiding multi-day wilderness expeditions and teaching programs in outdoor education centres. She has taught math and environmental science in public and private schools throughout Canada, including living and working with indigenous elders and youth in Nunavut.

Why We Developed this Program

Studies show that climate and environmental “grief” amongst children can create feelings of powerlessness. There is also overwhelming evidence that spending time in nature, forests in particular, improves physical and mental well-being of both children and adults.

It is also widely acknowledged that feminine leadership styles will be the driving force behind the kinds of social, political and environmental change we need to see in the world going forward. It is critical to support girls in this age group as our culture lacks “rites of passage” that are critical if they are to become strong and compassionate leaders of tomorrow.

Fall 2023 Cohort Completed!

We have wrapped up our first running of the program with a small group of enthusiastic girls.

Many thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make this such a success including our sponsors and donors!


One of the girls’ mothers commented, “Thank you so much for having our daughter as part of your program! She absolutely loved it, and the confidence she grew, and lessons she learned, will be with her for a lifetime!“. 

We are gathering what we learned, what worked and what didn’t, plus feedback from the girls and their parents. This information will inform the next session of the program, hopefully in the spring of 2024.

If you have an interest in sponsoring the program, know a girl who would like to participate or would like to get involved in some other way, please get in touch.